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Valentine's Day History

What you may have missed about Valentine's Day....

Today In History 269 AD, Rome: We celebrate Valentine day for love, but it’s actually about death. St. Valentine was a priest at the time of Claudius. Claudius had outlawed marriage, valentine saw this as an injustice and wed people anyway. He was ordered to be beaten & beheaded.

Legend has it that, while imprisoned, Valentine befriended the jailer's daughter and wrote her note before his execution, and that he signed the note, “From your Valentine”

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Trump wants to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Another campaign promise the POTUS is trying to get done. #plannedparenthood

Via: NBC News

Trump targets Planned Parenthood with new abortion rule
Groups like Planned Parenthood will be forced to choose between federal funding and offering abortion under the same roof as other services.