Hi, if you are looking for the Covid-19 information that was here I regret to tell you that ultimately the State of Alabama finally wore me down and I just do not have the desire to bring you this information.  Everytime I got the system working decently well, I.E. automated so that I could spend 5 minutes updating the website the State would come along and drastically alter what they were providing to the public.

A couple times they basically stopped providing any data for a couple of days.  Leaving me with a big mess to clean up on my end if I wanted to keep the system up and running.

Not angry, just tired of being the tail being wagged by the dog.

Initially there were not a lot of sources for the information I was providing.  Today there are multiple places, if you look, where you can find the information.

Thank you for coming back here to look, but I am tired now, gonna put my efforts in places where I do not have to chase a bureaucrat around to get what I need.

Oh and thank you for all of the kind words.  It was a labor of love on my part.  Something I could do in my spare time.  But, I am just one guy piddling.  Multi-million dollar budgeted operations that offered less information, but had multiple people working on it at least they could keep up with the States changes.  So be it, not a problem.

Best regards.  Stay safe and stay away from everyone else.  At least for a while.