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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-09-25 21:49:11
Nissan Recall Notice! #nissan #recall #recalls


Nissan recalls more than 215,000 vehicles for fire risk
Nissan is recalling more than 215,000 vehicles because a faulty brake pump could cause a fire and is recommending owners park affected vehicles outside and away from other vehicles.
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-05-26 13:26:22
Update on #Romainelettuce - it is clear to eat now! #recall
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-04-20 17:43:39
Multi state FOOD RECALL! E. coli O157:H7 Infections Linked to Romaine Lettuce. #romainelettuce #recall #foodrecall #ecoli #CDC


Advice to Consumers, Restaurants, and Retailers | Investigation Notice: Multistate Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Infections April 2018 | E. coli | CDC
Advice to Consumers & Retailers: Multistate Outbreak of E. coli O157:H7 Infections Linked to Chopped Romaine Lettuce
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-03-18 16:07:58
ALERT: 600,000 Pacifiers have been recalled! #Babies #recall #Recalls #DrBrownsPacifiers


Dr. Brown pacifier holder recall spurred by choking hazard
Safety experts warn that parts of the baby products can snap off and endanger young children
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Bubba @bubba
2018-03-18 23:17:41
They are not getting mine!
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-03-19 23:00:40
Give it up!!! It has been recalled!!! Time to toss the binky...laughing so hard
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-03-14 13:48:22
Ford has a recall! Be safe out there. #Recalls #FordRecall #Recall

Via: MSN

Ford recalls nearly 1.4 million cars for dangerous steering wheels
Ford is recalling nearly 1.4 million midsize cars in North America because the steering wheel can detach from the steering column and drivers could lose control.
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Political Possum @PoliticalPossum
2018-03-14 22:00:19
That photo looks like my van.
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-02-23 22:03:53
The popular new kitchen multicooker Instant pot has been recalled. Seems everyone got one for Christmas or in the last years. For more info. on the recall: #Recall #InstantPotRecall #Recalls

Via: Fortune

Instant Pot Meltdown? Company Warns That Some Devices Are Overheating
The kitchen gadget has "spawned a religion" among its foodie devotees.
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-02-14 15:07:19
Another #pet food - treat recall. This site has a recall alert a good resource to check in on your pets food. #Redbarn #DogTreats #Recall #Petfoodrecall #Dogs #pets #Bullystick

Via: Dog Food Advisor

Redbarn Bully Stick Dog Chews Recall
Complete details of the Redbarn Bully Stick Dog Chew Recall as reported by the editors of the Dog Food Advisor
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2016-06-08 17:51:59
Nature Made Vitamins recalled due to Salmonella & Staphylococcus aureus contamination. #health #vitamins #recall
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