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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-10-15 21:54:02
Wow. Just incredible Hillary Clinton does not think former President Bill Clinton's relationship with a 22 year old intern, Monica Lewinsky, was an abuse of power. If it were not an abuse of power, please say what is? Women and the #Metoo movement are especially lit over this.


Major Women's Groups Silent On Hillary Clinton's 'Abuse Of Power' Comments
Hillary Clinton set the internet ablaze on Sunday when she told CBS's "Sunday
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-03-04 00:41:43
The #Oscar awards are on tonight, word is the political dialog and the #metoo movement will be toned down. Looks like Hollywood has gotten the message with ratings drops and revenue loss. We will find out of #JimmyKimmel can keep the awards show about entertainment or his skewed political views.
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Political Possum @politicalpossum
2018-02-19 00:03:15
#MeToo movement leader faces sexual harassment claims. Oops, perhaps she was thinking it was #MeNext instead?


‘Spin the bottle’ and a kegerator: #MeToo movement lawmaker faces new sexual misconduct allegations
Staffers say California legislator presided over 'toxic' office.
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Political Possum @politicalpossum
2018-02-03 21:08:36
#MeToo movement causing a male backlash, have feminists gone too far now?

Via: New York Post

A male backlash against #MeToo is brewing
Men are scared, and feminists are delighted. But the urge to call out and punish male sexual transgression is bound to clash with an inescapable truth: We’re all in this together, men and women. Co…
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