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2018-03-28 12:21:11
CDC: Second round of the flu! Be diligent, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick! Also request #Tamiflu #CDC #Flu #Influenza #Flu2018

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CDC warns of second wave of flu virus
When it comes to the flu this season, it's a good news and bad news story. "The good news is that Flu A, the more serious strain, is declining, so flu overall is declining," Dr. Todd Ellerin, of South Shore Health System in Massachusetts, said. On the other hand, Influenza B cases have jumped, making up nearly 60 percent of the country's flu cases reported. "Overall, Flu B tends to be milder than Flu A, but you can have severe cases, and there have been severe cases documented this season both in adults and children," Ellerin said. Influenza B's tendency to affect children more severely makes a late-season outbreak highly concerning. "You want to be careful about breathing, if they look like they are struggling to breathe," Ellerin said. "Poor appetite, irritability, those can be signs that there can be an infection, and some of that infection can be influenza." When it comes to the flu, lightning can strike twice. People who got hit with Influenza A can be infected with the B strain within the same season. E
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Pinkie @PinkShark
2018-01-29 23:17:52
CDC Advisory: Flu Increasing, Be Ready with Antivirals #CDC #Flu #Tamiflu #Fluantivirals #Flu2018 #FluEpidemic #Influenza
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2018-02-11 00:10:36
Now those that have had the flu are getting a 2nd round! Be on alert! #Flu #influenza #Flu2018 #Health #strainb
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